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What Are Accessorial Fees?

Q: What are accessorial fees?

A: An accessorial charge is any fee added to a shipper’s freight invoice for services the motor freight carrier performed beyond the standard pick-up and delivery operation designated at the time a shipment is tendered. The additional charges cover a wide variety of services outside of the line haul charge and fuel surcharge that are in connection with the transportation of goods. Amongst the most common are:

• Advanced Notification

• Bill of Lading (BOL) Correction Fee

• Detention

• Driver Assist, Count, and Clean

• Hazardous Materials

• Inside Delivery

• Layover

• Liftgate

• Limited Access Fee or Misuse Charges

• Out of Route Miles

• Oversized, Overlength, or Overweight Fees

• Reclassification, Reweigh, and Redelivery

• Residential

• Scale

• Stop Off Charge

• Storage

• Yard Pulls

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