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Cost-Effective Freight Solutions

This is an ocean import drayage and transload job we handled. There was 1x40’ HC Container and 1x20’ STD Container filled with floor loaded boxes of apparel.

Our truckers picked up the containers from NJ Port and we then had our warehouse unload the boxes by hand, palletize the freight, and prepare it to ship out in 1x53’ foot trailer from NJ to the end user in CA. While this appears simple on the surface, it took a lot of work and expertise to be able to pack the pallets properly and safely to fit into 1x53’ trailer.

Many companies may have gone another route and packed the pallets in such a way that it would have taken 1 truck and 1 partial move to do the job. Ultimately, the customer pays less when they work with us as we always plan out the best and most cost effective solution.

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