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This is an over width flat rack for one of our regular clients. This shipment came in to the Port of Savannah. We needed to rig the freight onto a step deck flat rack, obtain over width permits, and truck it about 6.5 hours away from the port. The reason this is a special move is because it is nearly impossible to find dray carriers in Savannah who are willing to take OOG flat racks. We asked about 22 dray carriers and were turned down just due to the volume they already are working. So we had to come up with a solution and hire a flatbed driver whom had all the credentials needed to enter the port, load the freight and get it delivered. To enter the Port of Savannah you need a TWIC Card, Port of GA ID Card, RFID Tags, and be part of the UIIA. Finding the right company and going with the experience and knowledge you need is the only way to accomplish complex logistics solutions in todays atmosphere.



This is a flatbed load in a series of flat bed loads that we organized from the Port of Houston to a copper mill in GA. These loads were complex in that we had to take the goods out of regular 40’ HC Containers, place them in our warehouse in Houston, inspect, reload on to flatbeds, and deliver over night to the mill. We took 4x40’ Ocean containers and reloaded them on to 3 flatbeds using our load planning software. This saved the customer from having to pay for a whole extra truckload. We have load planning and tracking software built in to our services offered at no additional cost to our clients. At Accurate Logistics Group, LLC we always get the job done right, on time, with accuracy, and always try to save the client money any time we can.



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