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What Most Freight Brokers Won't Tell You

What Most Freight Brokers Won't Tell You

Most Freight Brokers and Truckers work hard to earn their shippers/customers trust. We here at Accurate Logistics Group, LLC are no different. What is it that we will tell you vs other freight brokers? See below.

Things We Like:

Clear Communication Correct Shipment Information (Dims, Weight, zip codes and special instructions)

Be respectful as we are people performing our jobs and services just like you.

Be honest and open at all times

Things We Do Not Like: This is the interesting part.

Inaccurate information for Quoting and Booking. This leads to incorrect quoting and invoicing on shipments and no one ever is happy about that...Ever

Indecisiveness- If you have committed a load to us and it is set up only to be canceled because you got a rate for $3 cheaper, that has cost us not only the shipment revenue but the time involved to rate, book and start the shipment. Please try to let us know if our rate is higher and see if we can come down. We always strive for low rates but sometimes its a matter of how we quote a job so just ask us.

Being Disrespectful- Not just in our business but any business being disrespectful to someone you work with is not acceptable and never gets you anywhere.

Getting Ignored- Yes we said it. The dirty phrase. Ignoring us. This happens to many freight brokers, not just us. If we spend our time and resources to attempt to attain you as a customer we do not expect to be ignored. If our rates are high or our service is dipping, you may tell us directly about that and we expect you to call or email us if anything is wrong.

We hoped you enjoyed our honesty and maybe got a chuckle in there but we are people just like you and wanted to share our feelings so we can all move freight and be happy together!




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