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Removable Goose Neck

These are vegetable processing machines that were shipped to the port of New Jersey. These units are 46’ Long x 9.5’ Wide x 11’ Tall. We needed to arrange pickup from the port of NJ using two extendable RGN (removeable goose neck) trailers. These pieces are over length, width, and height, which means we had to deal with a trio of out of gage dimensions. To complete the job safely, the units needed permits through several states, as well as an escort and pole height surveyor.

One unit was successfully delivered to North Dakota and the other to Minnesota. These loads took careful planning to find the correct drivers with the credentials and proper equipment to handle. This job took a lot of patience, as the port we were picking up from had difficulty handling the units safely, even with a crane. Because of this, we had to send our drivers back in multiple times to complete the job safely. In the end, all parties are happy, and the job was done on time and within budget.

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