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New Load Tracking Service

Accurate Logistics Group, LLC has maintained our commitment to technology by investing in a complete load tracking service feature.  We can now track every FTL or Dray carrier every 5 minutes (real time) using this technology.  It will feed back in to our TMS so you can have minute by minute tracking functionality.  Gone are the days of wondering where a truck is or when it will show up.  Gone are the days of wondering why it didn’t deliver on time.  We have traffic and weather built into the app as well.  We now can tell you in real time exactly where your load is.  We can also custom geo-fence an area and get an alert via email to let you know when the truck has arrived and departed in any geographical area.

Accurate Logistics Group, LLC has delivered 96,000 masks from LAX to the Dept of General Services and to Agathos Labs in CA.  We continue to do our part in the fight against COVID-19 by expediting the PPE that is so badly needed around the USA. 

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